A New Accessory Will Control Sphero BB-8 Using Just the Force


It’s apparent that a new favorite droid is in town, as BB-8 ran quickly up the charts of fan favorites, before Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was even released. If living in the modern world isn’t fun enough for you, Sphero, the robotics manufacturer, has made it so by releasing what is the most desired and coolest toy on the market, last September on Force Friday.

The miniature scale robotic replica of the B-Unit droid was so popular that it became difficult for Sphero to meet demands, as the second these adorable toys met retail shelves, they were quickly snatched up for purchase by demanding customers. Controlled by a mobile device app and voice recognition, the small ball droid is able to freely move around obstacles and cruise around at high-speeds throughout your home, and any other choice location.

This week in Las Vegas at The International Consumer Electronics Show 2016, Sphero introduced a new partner accessory to their already popular toy — a wireless watch band to control the droid with just hand movements, emulating the Force.

The Force-Band for BB-8, by Sphero, is a wearable device that is strapped to the wrist, allowing the user to skip using their iPhone or iPad. This gives the user motion control over the soccer ball droid, by allowing it to be controlled by hand gestures — or the Force.

The band will come in two different color designs, and houses the same Inertial Measurement Unit found inside of BB-8. This allows for a more personal connection between the user and their droid as if the Force is actually flowing through the hands of the operator in control.

To connect, simply pair the band to the droid, in the same way, you would your mobile device, by holding each close to the other. After a little calibration to make sure everything is connected successfully, you’re ready to go!


The expected release date for the control-accessory has not yet been set, as Sphero is still working through the prototype stage. However, when released, it has been announced they will be delivered with a new edition of the Battle-Worn BB-8, representing a more accurate appearance as seen in The Force Awakens.

Left: Battle-Worn BB-8 showing wear and tear. Right: The first edition of Sphero’s BB-8.

It has been stated that users will also be able to purchase the bands separately for use with their already-owned, shinier droids. However, it’s obvious that with the new edition and Force-Band’s, BB-8 will be another must-have on the Christmas list of every Star Wars fan for 2016, as well.

This little droid is here to stay.


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