Master of Horror Guillermo del Toro Prepares to Bring ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ Back From the Dead


Master of horror and infamous gothic director Guillermo del Toro sent shivers down the spines of fans across social media when he announced late Thursday that he will be bringing the nightmarish children’s tale ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark‘ to real life, bringing his live-action depiction to the big screen.

Many of us will never forget the sleepless nights spent under our blankets with the flashlight on or sitting amongst the campfire with friends, terrified from the short-tales told in Scary Stories. Author Alvin Schwartz produced a multitude of short stories and two sequels from 1981-1991, combining horrific imagination, urban legends and folklore into a mass of hair-raising and truthfully frightening tales. It’s apparent that while the cryptic stories seem to be straight from the underworld, it’s the unearthly and blood-curdling illustrations, designed by illustrator Stephen Gammell, that pushed these stories over the edge, making them truly the fuel from which nightmares are created.

Del Toro tweeted an image of himself on Thursday researching illustrations from the work and officially announced that he will be working on an upcoming live adaptation, bringing the dreams of horror fans around the world, through a major motion picture featuring graphic scenes of what we can only assume will haunt our dreams forever.


No other information on the film has been released, as the pre-production and planning stage has only just begun. However, one thing is for sure; We’re absolutely enthralled to see what tales del Toro plans to bring to the screen.


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