Star Wars Meets Mario Kart in This Epic Fan Film for the Ages


With the high impact on the realm of pop culture with the return of Star Wars, fans’ have yet to cease sharing their passion and love for the franchise and universe. Thanks to the downright geeky and awesome individuals at Dark Pixel, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to expressing passion for video games and action films, we’re given an inside look at the franchise from a different perspective as it would appear if mashed together with the world of Mario Kart.

The channel’s latest video contribution, Star Kart, takes us back to the rigorous racetrack surprises and relays, while also delivering us an exciting adventure through space, reminding us of our favorite iconic scenes from throughout the Star Wars saga; including that of the Death Star destruction.

Who wouldn’t want to spend a day in space amongst the cockpit of an X-wing, or racing against a TIE fighter, piloted by your favorite Mario Kart characters?

One of the levels even resembles that of the iconic Pod Race scene in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, but with a surplus of added Mario-esque touches. In addition, there’s a Death Star trench run and even a nod to the infamous Millennium Falcon. We even see our lovable favorite, Toad, perform his best R2-D2 impression, which is just downright adorable.

“Mario Kart and Star Wars just go together so perfectly now,” Dark Pixel reported after posting the video to their YouTube channel. “We didn’t even realize it before, but now we can’t live without it. This game needs to be made! The world of Super Mario Brothers and the Force need to be combined!”

We have to agree with Dark Pixel’s statement, completely. Perhaps we’ll see LucasArts and Nintendo team up for a race against the ages, bringing fans’ of both franchises the game only currently seen in their dreams. For now, at least we’re able to share in the enjoyment of the creation thanks to the efforts of these downright geeky, creative and talented individuals.

Check out the video for yourself then tell us what you thought in the comments below:


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