Lady Gaga Grammy Performance is A Beautiful Tribute to David Bowie


Talk about Lady Gaga’s tribute to David Bowie at the 2016 Grammy Awards has been buzzing around the internet for about a week now, and after she stepped upon the red carpet in her flashiest Bowie garbs, it was obvious that Gaga was about to take the stage by storm.

After the talented and fiery-haired Ed Sheeran took the stage to announce Best New Artist of the year, he introduced Lady Gaga to the stage, in which she appeared with a projection displayed across her face, depicting David Bowie, along with a cryptic spider creeping across her cheek while she performed Space Oddity.


She then transitions into Segues and Ziggy Stardust, before breathlessly moving onto Suffragette City. We move onto Rebel Rebel, as Gaga is projected onto a monster screen, giving us a tour of Bowie’s exemplary career and creation.


The performance will truly take the cake, and could arguably stand as the best Grammy performance in the past decade. Way to go, Gaga.


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