Game of Thrones Teases Fans With Fate of Jon Snow and Other Characters

After creating a buzzing storm of confusion amongst fans after launching the first season 6 teaser, the creative team behind Game of Thrones strikes once again in the House of Black and White’s Hall of Many Faces with the collection of recently released character posters.
According to Entertainment Weekly, there will be 16 posters in total, which have been leaking out throughout the course of the morning featured on multiple site exclusives that include EW, Variety, IGN, TVLine, and The Hollywood Reporter.
The posters feature multiple characters, both deceased and living, so we really can’t put two-and-two together at this point regarding the fate of anyone in particular — including Jon Snow.
At this point, we’re pretty sure that Game of Thrones is just getting a laugh out of the continuous trolling regarding the bastard Stark son.
In addition, we see the long awaited face of Catelyn Stark, who’s visualization will most likely only stir up the coals of possibility, fueling the flames of the character’s long awaited storyline and return to the screen.



The posters all share the same style and characteristics, and with the exception of Jon’s, each is accompanied by a descriptive character quote, that could possibly give us a hint into the progression of their role in the upcoming season.
























Game of Thrones season six is set to return to HBO on April 24.


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