Man Crashes Car Into Fake Tunnel from Looney Tunes


As reported by Mirror, recently a man attempted to drive his Fiat through what he believed to be a tunnel. In actuality it turned out to be an illusion of such, thanks to a graffiti artist who’s humorous style thought it would be quite ‘punny’ to paint a large depiction of a tunnel, accompanied by the Looney Tunes Road Runner standing beside it.

The man mistook the painting on the stone bridge for an actual tunnel which ended with crashing his car into it head on. Thanks to a few humorous users on Imgur we’re able to also share in the laughter:

After the incident the themed mural was painted over in white so that the mistake would not be made again. But, we can’t help but wonder why they just didn’t add a ‘Road Closed’ sign to the faux-tunnel to warn drivers of the closure?


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