Stephen and Robbie Amell Team Up for Full Length Feature Film


About two weeks ago Stephen Amell updated his Facebook feed with a peculiar link to a teaser for a project titled ‘Code 8,’ with a countdown to Tuesday, March 22, leaving fans’ unaware of what to expect from this suddenly introduced undertaking. As of yesterday, the countdown is officially over, and in its place stands a 10-minute mysterious sci-fi short, launched an Indiegogo fundraising page that was set up to assist with raising financial capital and support for the budget of a full-length major motion picture. The feature is a collaborative effort by both Stephen and his cousin, Robbie Amell, who have been dying to work together for a very long period of time.

It’s stated that “the film takes place in a world where 4% of the population is born with some type of supernatural ability.” The plot follows a young man, played by Robbie Amell), who’s hard up for work, and possesses the unique ability of electricity. After a negative controversy over payment for a recent job, Amell finds himself head-to-head with law enforcement and the menacing robotic support that defends the officer’s every move.

Filming for the short began in LA last year and features appearances by Aaron Abrams, who’s best known for his role in Hannibal, as well as Chad Donella of Scandal, and Alfred Rubin Thompson of Club Dead.

Due to scheduling conflicts and prior commitments to the popular and ongoing series of Arrow, Stephen Amell was unable to make an on-screen appearance or take on any type of role in the recently released short. However, he reported that he took on the role of executive producer, and will be making an appearance in the full-length picture.

“I had to jump straight from Turtles back to Arrow,” Stephen stated, “but I’m going to do everything I can to help see this become a full-length movie.”

“We made this short to prove to our fans and to ourselves that we could do something amazing. We think it turned out pretty damn well, and now it’s time to hit the big leagues,” he stated during a recent interview.

While no other information or details have been released regarding the plot or character development to be seen in ‘Code 8′, we can expect to see a new side of Robbie and Stephen that we haven’t seen before.

The short is described as “a proof of concept for a feature film version to be filmed later this year.”

Get ready for a new world full of renegade intensity, action, robots, and superpowers.

Watch the short below:



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