This Jurassic World Concept Art Will Blow Your Mind


With the popularity of Jurassic World still on the rise, many fans’ are participating in related activities, to express their passion for the once again growing franchise. Each month, the Facebook group ‘Brainstorm’ hosts a contest allowing independent graphic artists to engage in themed art projects relating to the universe of fandom and pop culture.

This month’s ongoing contest is, that’s right you guessed it, centered around Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. The challenge is to redesign a new species of Dinosaur, or develop a new scene with the artists own twist.

The contest is currently open for entries and ends on August 3rd, for which winners will then be selected and announced.

We were incredibly impressed by the to-date submissions and had to share some of the exquisite work we’ve seen thus far; we’re still raving about Jurassic World!

1. ‘Belial’ by Raph Lomotan

2. ‘Velozebraptor’ by Edward Delandre.

3. ‘Dilophosaurus’ by Jonathan Kuo.

4. ‘Unexpected Encounter’ by Adam Isailovic.

5. ‘Storkodon’ by Quentin Gabriel.

6. Untitled Art by Tomas Muir.

7. Untitled Art by Mohammad Murtaza.

8. ‘King Raptor’ by Hector Pohl.

9. ‘Sea Saurus’ by Raphael Lubke.

10.  ‘Phorusrhacos Fantastica Horned’ by Edgy Ziane.

 11. ‘The Great Whitespinosaurus’ by Quentin Gabriel.

12. Untitled Art by Jacques Achille.

13. Untitled Art by AKshay Misra.

14. Untitled Art by Joel Serrano.

15. ‘Xenomorph Raptor’ by Nagy Norbert.

Needless to say, we’re absolutely obsessed with Brainstorm and their group of collaborative individuals who continue to surprise us, each month, with their capable expertise and flair.

Don’t forget to head over to the Brainstorm Facebook group and join, as you’ll be thankful you did!


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