Nintendo Takes WonderCon by Storm Making History With 3DS


This week Nintendo has brought excitement and a unique gaming experience to the table, quite literally, at WonderCon 2016. The company has released a number of their games on display, including special activities and prizes for fans willing to brave the long wait to play one of the newly released titles.

From Star Fox Zero to Star Fox Guard, and Pokkén Tournament the Wii U systems are definitely getting their use among the booth, allowing attendees to play the anxiously awaited titles before they launch on April 21. Star Fox Zero incorporates both flying and shooting, starring the infamous, legendary space pilot Fox McCloud. Gamers enter the world of galactic forces while blasting through the offensive enemy attacks.

In addition to the round play display’s, Nintendo is also celebrating the launch of the highly anticipated Hyrule Warriors Legends by setting up testing stations for those looking to try before they buy.

Simultaneously, gamers can also experience Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which allows the user to experience co-op multiplayer missions with up to four players, each holding their own Nintendo 3DS systems, joining one another as they take on various assignments within the Bermuda system. Players battle celestial creatures while also solving complex puzzles.

Props to Nintendo for setting up a game-play area amidst their booth, as this is the first time the general public has hands-on gameplay time with a Nintendo 3DS title before it launches — with Metroid Prime aiming at a Spring release, with a set date not yet decided.

Nintendo also hosted a panel on Saturday evening, giving fans’ an inside look at the game and what went into creation and production, hosted by team and production members from Koei Tecmo who discussed creating the game and the importance of the correct action being translated into the new 3DS title. From new maps, visionary gameplay, to new characters such as “Linkle,” Nintendo surely delivered an interesting panel, by also appealing to those who have passion and interest for game development.

In addition, developers for Koei Tecmo’s team were available on Saturday from 11:00 AM through 1:00 PM, attending a meet-and-greet from the center of the Nintendo booth on the exhibition floor. This special appearance allowed fans to ask questions about creation the game, as well as having their Hyrule Warriors Legends title signed by the creators themselves!

Nintendo showed up in full force this weekend, surprising many guests with a hands-on experience of multiple eagerly awaited gaming titles, given only to convention attendees. In our professional opinion, Nintendo, definitely took home acknowledgment for the best booth of WonderCon 2016.

If you haven’t played Hyrule Warriors Legends or Pokken Tournament yet, don’t miss your chance to join in on the action, and snag a copy for yourself. Pre-orders are also being taken for Metroid Prime’s exciting new sequel and the return of your favorite galactic fox pilot in Star Fox Zero.



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