Stephen and Robbie Amell Top $325,000 in Funding for Mysterious Project — Code 8


Earlier this week cousins Stephen Amell (Arrow) and Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People) launched the anxiously awaited short and preview for their self-produced and collaborative project — Code 8. The clip was revealed among the IndieGoGo fundraiser that was set-up to support raising capital and financial backing, in an attempt to assist the project with moving into the production stage for a full-length feature film.

In just two very short days of being up, the campaign reached its funding goal in entirety and brought in over $200,000, by offering unique buy-in experiences and perks set at different supportive financial levels ranging from $5 – $50,000. One very interestingly creative approach to Team Amell’s marketing is the fact that they are selling casting high-level roles and positions for the project, as well as tickets to the VIP Red Carpet Premiere.

In less than a week of its launch, the fundraiser has already brought in over $325,000, with fans’ still supporting the mysterious sci-fi title that encompassed the attention of individuals all over the globe when it was released online on March 22.

The Amell boys also published an update on the project to another YouTube channel used for promoting Stephen’s work on Arrow, making everyone aware that stands in his path, he knows how to market to a massive audience and get results. With donations and financial support not coming to a halt anytime soon, the film’s budget is expected to bring in a whopping surprise that was fully unexpected. This just goes to show how fans’ support their favorite dark-masked vigilante in his time of need.

Catch up on the most recent news with Code 8 and see what the Amell cousins’ had to say:



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