Streaming Success: Go Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite Shows at WonderCon 2016


Thousands of fans’ and convention goers alike gathered together in the heart of Los Angeles for the first WonderCon to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, proving to be a great success. On Friday evening, CW3PR held “Streaming Success,” a panel that would take viewers and listeners out of their seats, and bring them into a behind-the-screen setting, highlighting music, special effects, costume design and production for their favorite shows on television. A multitude of talent joined one another on stage and provided exciting and edge-of-the-seat entertainment as they revealed trade secrets and facts behind successful creation of streamed content. 

In attendance on Friday night was, David Van Dyke of ‘Shade VFX’’ (Jessica JonesDaredevil), James S. Levine (Composer; Bloodline Season 2), Stephanie Maslansky (Costume Design; Jessica JonesLuke Cage), Roland Sanchez (Costume Design; 11.22.63), Catherine Smith (Production Designer; Transparent), Sean Callery (Composer; Jessica Jones) and Drew Boughton (Production Designer; The Man in the High CastleHemlock Grove) — who delighted and charmed their audition through the hour-long panel.

Janina Gavankar, best known for her roles in ArrowThe League, and True Blood, moderated the panel alongside filmmaker and artist, Gabriel Valenciano, known for his VMA nomination for Beyonce’s 7/11. Together, they led the large team of talent through an interesting and provoking discussion, inputting their opinions upon the “best shows available for streaming.”

Each person featured among the panel has had experience on multiple shows hosted on a variety of television networks, though when it came to creating a streaming series, the artists admitted that they had to alter their production habits and processes to fit a different style of filming.

When discussing the relation of streaming series to a feature film, Van Dyke noted, “the quality needs to be the same, but there’s more to do and it’s running faster. Yet somehow, you get these really beautiful, high levels of work.”

Composer Sean Callery thoughtfully remembered his time working amongst the streaming universe, and appreciated it, due to the chances that he was able to develop themes and musical ideas in richer, longer scenes with the flow of being much more dynamic.

James S. Levine had an interesting approach when explaining how the process behind scoring for a specific character, stating that, “what is happening in the narrative will affect our approach to the character. We often score based on what’s going on behind somebody’s eyes, there is so much in their head that needs to be spoken to with the music.”

Van Dyke then elaborated on the pride held at Shade for their “invisible effects,” and explained their method of strategy, being “not drawing the viewer away, not making it a story about a really neat effect, but instead drawing a really good story, and focusing on giving the best product.”

Modern television viewing has definitely accelerated into a new type of experience that has altered the way individuals watch television and films. Mobile and desktop streaming has allowed for any user-specific situation, from on the go, to sitting at home in front of your personal flat screen, we’ve become accustomed to being able to watch our favorite series, anywhere we choose, at any time.

“Streaming Success” definitely gave us a more in-depth, personal look into the universe of streamed series creation, which opened our minds to a whole new aspect and understanding of what it truly takes to produce such unique pieces of entertainment.


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