Kit Harington Has A Lot to Say About Jon Snow During Interview with Jonathan Ross


It’s already known that the team behind HBO’s most popular fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, has promised season six to be ‘the best yet,’ containing the largest and most significant battle scene to date.

With the show returning in just a mere three weeks, the wait for the return of the most awaited show on television is nearly among us — including many unanswered details that left us hanging on the edge of the cliff during the season five finale. For nearly a year fans’ have been theorizing plots and ideas centered around the hope of seeing a return of Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington.

During a recent interview with Jonathan Ross on April 2, Kit Harington graced the presenter’s talk show while appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show late last nightRumors remain persistent that the beloved bastard, Jon Snow, will return to the screen and play an important role in the upcoming season and Ross, like many of us, was tired of waiting for unconfirmed answers and decided to take matters into his own hands.

After inserting Harington’s hand into the magical ‘Stone of Truth,’ Ross gained the ability to shock Kit every time he returned a dissatisfying answer. Ross then proceeded to question the fact of Jon Snow actually remaining dead, and searched for the answer we’re all dying to know — Will Jon Snow return to the screen in Game of Thrones season six?

See what Harington has to say about Jon Snow’s fate in Game of Thrones season six:



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