Kit Harington is Losing Sleep Over New Leading Role


Actor Kit Harington, best known for his previous role as the favorite bastard in HBO’s fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, admits that he’s been losing sleep over his new role as Doctor Faustus. Harington has been nervously preparing non-stop for his starring performance amongst the Duke of York Theatre, so much that he’s been losing precious rest and sleep.

Fans have been avidly trying to solve the mystery of Snow’s death since the surprising moment it happened during the famous finale that shocked fans’ around the world. With many fan theories suggesting that Jon Snow will be resurrected, Harington is still backing previous statements and insisting that he’s not.

Lately, Kit has been completely preoccupied and focused on his upcoming role, hoping to deliver quite the impressing action on stage.

In a recent interview with Radio Times, Harington stated, “I haven’t really slept much recently! It’s terrifying to prove to yourself that you can take on a new role, while the world — Okay, maybe THE WORLD is dramatic —but while certain people are waiting to judge you…”

He explained his preference and passion for theatrical stage work versus television roles, as he has an opportunity to spend on his characters, working to grow their characteristics and personas.

He added that he has become so used to prepping his television roles in isolation, usually from within the confinements of his own hotel room, then waking up and heading to set, where more often than not he will spend 15-minutes discussing the part before he puts it into action.

“With a play you come in and learn your part with everyone for five weeks. You discuss it, hone it, and for me, that sense of company is amazing to have once more.”

Though confirmation and denial cannot be deciphered, Harington continues to confirm that his beloved character will not be returning to the screens through any other form than death, in the upcoming sixth season for Game of Thrones. Could Kit be ready to take on the world of theater, leaving his strongly loved on-screen character behind?

Game of Thrones season six returns to HBO on April 24.


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