10 Things You Don’t Already Know About Leo Camacho


Leo Camacho as Killian Jones (Captain Hook) from ABC’s Once Upon A Time. Photo credit: York In A Box.


We sat down with infamous cosplayer Leo Camacho, who graciously gave us an inside look into his personal life and interests. It’s safe to say, he’s an open book and one of the kindest people we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing!

K: “Who are your favorite classic and new-age Disney characters?

L: “My top three favorites are definitely from the older generation, which would be Aladdin, Darkwing Duck, and Dodger Dog. From the newer age Disney movies, Flynn Rider is one of my favorites.”

K: Speaking of Rider, can we ever hope to see a Flynn Rider cosplay out of you?

L: “That is literally one of the most asked questions I get and i think this year I will finally have to do it.”

K: “The majority if your fans learned about you through ‘Prince Eric,’ but I just have to say that your likeness to Killian Jones (Hook) is uncanny. How do you feel about resembling not one, but two Disney characters so perfectly?

L: “I. Seriously. Killian. That’s just serendipitous. What are the odds that another sea-fairing character would look so much like me? I look a lot like the Prince Eric cartoon, but he’s still just a cartoon. But, Colin O’Donoghue? He looks so similar to me. It’s just wild.”

Leo Camacho as Killian Jones (Captain Hook) from ABC’s Once Upon A Time. Photo credit: York In A Box.

K: “If you had to pick a single Star Wars film from Episodes’ 4-6, which one would you choose?

L: Empire,’ without a second thought. Story wise, I feel that it really developed the characters in a way that seemed organic. The tone was darker, which I appreciated because the first Star Wars episode has a darkness to it, but it’s much lighter and obviously ‘A New Hope.’ ‘The Empire Strikes Back‘ crushes any perceptions that you have and the first time you see that you’re like ‘wait, so everything has gone to crap?’ if you understand what I mean. I like that they went there. I like that they allowed you to worry, and in such a way that you still felt positive about it.”

L: “I also really like how they explored the universe further in ‘Empire,’ where you get to see Hoth, Bespin, Dagobah, and inside all of the Rebel bases. It just feels like they really expanded on the universe. You get to see different creatures like the Tauntauns’ actually being utilized, different characters flying different ships, and there is so much more happening which makes you feel like you’re apart of the universe.”

 K: “Who shot first?
 L: “Han. Come on. Don’t Even.”
 K: So, I understand you speak Spanish, as well as English?

L: “No one ever thinks that I speak Spanish when they see me until they hear me speak it, and suddenly I’m super ethnic. As soon as people learn I am able to speak Spanish, it seems to change everything. The skill has landed me more roles and parts in jobs and has been better than a college degree. It’s so powerful.”

I had an excellent time sitting down and discussing the wonders of the universe and fandom with Leo, and I hope you’re able to see the creative genius for what he is, and have a better understanding of what truly makes him ‘tick.’

From video game rap to pop culture correspondence, Leo tells how he began in the industry of dreams in a recent interview, here.

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