Gamer Turned Pet Activist Spends Months Protecting An Orphaned Dog in Skyrim


When you’re living amidst a fantasy world that’s full of dragons, keeping a stray dog safe might be the least of your worries — unless you’re Patrick Lenton. Lenton, an Australian fantasy writer with a passion for monsters and super heroes also spends a majority of his time playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The title is an action role-playing, open-world game created by Bethesda Game Studios, in which players roam the lands, living life in another world. During a gaming session, Lenton admitted that he found a dog whose owner had been murdered, and being that he’s “not a monster” he chose to adopt the four-legged friend.

Lenton then faced the realization that he had to continuously protect the dog from Goblins while mining ores amongst the dark decrepit caves, and also from the giants amongst the grassy open plains. He also had to prevent multiple dragons from scooping up the pup during attacks, as he simply could not stop the dog from sticking by his side.

Through a series of tweets on Twitter, Lenton began describing the story earlier this week.

Due to one of Skyrim’s expansions, Hearthfire, Lenton was able to download the content increasing the simulator factor which allows users to construct their own homes, and start families — resulting in creation of children, who can also adopt pets.

Lenton suddenly had a brilliant idea to providing safety for his furry friend, by building a house, adopting a child, and then pray that luck is on his side that the child will effortlessly bond with the K9. He could then assign the care to the child, causing the dog to begin following the child, keeping both safe under the roof of their home.

Months passed by, and after spending a massive amount of time in gameplay completing quests, he was awarded a royal title and given a plot of land — which he then finished building the house on. Finally, he was able to adopt a homeless child, who ended up adopting a different animal and not his loyal pal, like he had hoped.

The next step was to adopt a second child, again hoping that the plan would work out this time around. Eventually, he was able to adopt another homeless child who did in fact choose adoption over the dog, leaving Lenton free to jaunt about the magical world of Skyrim, searching for his next adventure.



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