Gamer Beats World Record for Fastest Super Mario Bros. Run



Possibly the most iconic and acknowledged game of all time, Super Mario Bros., has entertained gamers of all ages around the world for years causing competition to arise when it comes to completing the game. The infamous title now holds a new record for quickest completion, delivered by title speedrunner ‘darbian‘ through his Twitch channel.

Back in January the gamer set the record for confirmed completion with a time of 4:57.427, and he’s successfully just beaten his record again, clocking in a time of 4:57.260.

The new record comes in at a whopping 0.007 seconds faster, using “any percentage”, by benefiting from taking advantage of all timesaving shortcuts that include being able to run over bridge gaps and use warp zones to pass by levels. In return this helps to cut down on time and use each passing millisecond in the most productive way possible. This in turn differs from a full, 100% completion that actually requires the player to scale and complete each level in sequential order which ends up being much more lengthy.

Darbian has uploaded his success while Twitching on his channel to share with the world of Nintendo fans, proving that this high-level gaming isn’t as easy as it may seem. Due to his impeccable perfection and run it may seem as if he’s using tool-assist when in reality he’s truly just that good. An enthusiastic fan also points out when commenting on his video that his speed run is in fact only 15-frames off from the fixed tool-assisted mode.

This fan proves that players have elevated to a new level of gaming that suggests some may be more like the machines they play on, rather than human.

Check it out for yourself:


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