Tesla Brings the World of Nintendo to Owners With Hidden Easter Egg


Have you ever found yourself dreaming of actually being able to drive on Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road? Well, thanks to the ingenious and creative minds at Tesla, now you can. A hidden Easter egg was recently uncovered that magically converts the default plain gray road that appears on Tesla’s innovative computer display into a vivid color changing road that imitates the ever so difficult level. In addition, a cow bell resonates in the background when the secret mode is initially engaged. Activation of the hidden feature takes place when Tesla owners set their autopilot in motion four times in rapid succession, as reported by Tesla CEO Elon Musk through his Twitter feed on April 11.

The remarkably exciting addition is in conjunction with the recent software update released by the eco-friendly vehicle manufacturer, which requires installation in order to gain access to the hidden addition. Musk updated with instructions on how to engage what he describes as a “psychedelic cowbell” on his Twitter feed, shortly after announcing the update.

“Activate autopilot 4X in quick succession for psychedelic cowbell road. And, yes, we are adding more cowbell soon.”

In addition, he also implied that further hidden surprises could be coming soon stating “And, yes, we are adding more cowbell soon.”

The recent discovery isn’t the first of Tesla’s Easter eggs to be hidden amongst their updates, as just last year owners were given an astonishing treat when they revealed the James Bond reference concealed in their Model S.

Check out the new addition for yourself and see what driving on Rainbow Road actually looks like:


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