Steven Spielberg Debuts ‘Ready Player One’ Teaser Trailer At Comic-Con


During yet another packed panel at San Diego Comic-Con, 6,500 lucky fans were present to preview the first look at a new, and exciting universe as Steven Spielberg debuted the initial footage of his upcoming major motion-picture “Ready Player One.”

He was praised through an emotional, standing ovation by the full-house of excited fans, cheering as the first images of Spielberg’s future universe arrived on screen, losing it as The Iron Giant also made its appearance.

During a behind-the-scenes interview with Variety at Comic-Con, Author Ernest Cline, explained his passion for storytelling with his muse being Spielberg, and that he never foretold his novel being transformed for the big screen.

“I had started out as a screenwriter, and had kinda been frustrated by that, and that’s what made me try being a novelist.”

He explained that “When I wrote ‘Ready Player One,’ I kind of assumed it would never be a movie. And that was freeing to me, to let my imagination just run wild.”

“I knew some of the stuff would never get cleared,” he continued, “which is what’s crazy about Steven Spielberg becoming the director, I don’t think anybody else could have gotten all the pop culture references cleared that we got to be in the movie.”

If you missed the trailer, watch it below:


Ready Player One” will debut nationwide on March 30, 2018.


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