The Pickle Rick Action Figure You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here


After satirical buzz spread across social media like wildfire with the drop of the season 3 trailer for Rick and Morty, memes started flowing in at light-speed. Rick even already had his own catchphrase, and once the episode aired, the show finally announced that “The wait is over,” as it was quite obvious this was the specific episode we’d been anxiously awaiting.

While the show ended up offering more of a troll to diehard fans, some took their excitement to the next level — including a popular YouTube geeky production company.

Thanks to the geeky British duo, Nick Acott, and Gary Scullion, over at Sneaky Zebra, toy and pop culture fanatics alike can relish over the Pickle Rick action-figure, complete with his own ‘Prime Slime.’

“Sneaky Zebra — the filmmaking company creating the geeky videos you’ve always dreamed of.”

While the action-figure isn’t actually real, we can’t help but appreciate the dedication, passion, and creativity the team brought to the table with this one-of-a-kind toy commercial.

Now, we can’t help but wonder when an actual ‘Pickle Rick’ will hit shelves.

Watch it below and don’t forget to subscribe to Sneaky Zebra on YouTube!


Would you like a Pickle Rick action-figure? Let us know in the comments below!


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