Funko Announces Brand New Game of Thrones: Season 7 ‘Pop! Rides’ Vinyl


Seeing this news couldn’t have made us more excited, as thanks to Funko and their genius collective ideas, we finally have the perfect match for your ‘Pop! Rides: Dragon & Daenerys Action-Figure’ set — the ‘Pop! Rides: Night King on Dragon.’ Could there be a better match of Pop! Vinyl?

Funko delivered the first look of the horrifying Night King, sitting on the back of his resurrected dragon of the dead, Dany’s poor Viserion. While we’ve been given multiple versions of the dragon, fans are now able to add the variant Viserion to their collection, featuring ice-blue eyes, battered wings, and a completely new cold color.

Pop! Rides: Game of Thrones – Night King on Dragon


The ‘Pop! Rides’ vinyl is set to hit shelves this winter.

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