It’s ‘Pennywise’ As A Toddler Is The Product Of Our Nightmares


We’d like to offer our condolences in advance, as the following is sure to haunt your dreams for weeks to come, once you set your sights on this toddler portraying ‘Pennywise’ from Stephen King’s It.

Thanks to Mississippi teen, Eagen Tilghman, the term ‘big brother’ was taken to the next level when the teen turned his younger brother, Louie, into a terrifying, tiny toddler version of the new version of Pennywise The Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgård).

It’s quite impressive at how easily Tilghman was able to capture the character in tiny form, especially when working with a toddler, quite effortlessly.

The depiction is absolutely uncanny, and the fact that Eagen was able to transform his younger brother into such a close resemblance to the cryptic clown, he also gave us a horrific array of perfection through photography.

Who wants to go for a dip?

His art is truly the fuel of nightmares of to come.


‘It’ will release in theaters nationwide September 8.


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