The New Beauty Trend That We’re Wishing Would End


While it’s not unusual for random trends to take off across social media, though, we have to admit that we’re quite perplexed with the latest hype taking Instagram by storm — glitter tongues.

It seems that the incorporation of glitter has never been more popular than it is today, as we’ve seen it take over home decor, the beauty and fashion industry, while also being added to our foods and cosmetics.

Australian makeup artist, Jacinta Vukovic (@jacintavukovic), accidentally created the stir when sharing the following photo on her Instagram, with the caption, “I was doing this Lip look and got glitter on my tongue, so I thought I would embrace it and make it the main focus!!”



Usually, it doesn’t take too long for those trying to claim trends as their own, once they’re created, only a small number of people were actually into showing off their bedazzled, glittery drool by participating in the new crazy trend — while most were done for simple creative purposes.



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While the new trend might appeal to some, note that glitter is made of elements that really shouldn’t be ingested, and could prove to be extremely dangerous to the stomach and digestive tract. Obviously, non-toxic, edible glitter also exists, but perhaps it’s best to stick to the external beauty habits, for now.





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