Disney World: The Aftermath of Hurricane Irma


As millions of family’s around the world travel to one of the most nostalgic and popular travel destinations of the world, Florida’s, Disney World, was forced to close for one of the first times in park history, since opening in 1971. Due to the park sitting directly among the center path for one of the most concerning and deadly hurricanes in over a decade, Hurricane Irma, brought force and power, causing thousands of Florida residents to evacuate their homes, and state.

Before announcing their sad, dreary news, Disney World, released a photo before closing their gates in preparation for Hurricane Irma. The park made safety measures and precaution their highest priority by protecting lights, covered in protective bags, and also by securing objects to prevent further damage during the hit of Irma’s powerful winds.

Irma made landfall in Florida on Sunday, and in its path, destroying over a quarter of the residences in the Florida Keys, also sadly killing many, and leaving millions of residents without power.

Disney World released the following statement as of Thursday, September 7, in regard to their closure for the storm.

“Based on the latest forecasts for Hurricane Irma and keeping safety top of mind, Walt Disney World Resort will be closed on Sunday, September 10 and will remain closed through Monday, September 11.”

It’s safe to say that fans and frequent park-goers alike were anxiously waiting for the aftermath and news of what damage had taken place due to the storm, and once seeing photos, the park is nearly unrecognizable.

Disney World was beaten by intense winds and heavy rains, including flooding and extreme power outages and damage, caused by the hit of the storm. However, thanks to the care of their dedicated employees, it escaped the fate of a much worse possibility. Most of the damage caused around the park was to the natural beauty and landscape, and also to many signs and free-standing decor.

Photos of the aftermath can be seen below:


The only part of the park to experience horrendous damage, requiring repair, were many of the major transformers around the park, which ended up exploding during the rage of the hurricane.

We can’t help but feel sorrow in our hearts for the millions affected by this tragedy. Our thoughts and support are with you, Florida.



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