Stephen Amell Talks Code 8 at Heroes & Villains FanFest Portland


From our professional perspective, Stephen Amell, is truly one of the most stand-up individuals, both on, and off-screen that we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. January 13-14, 2018, brought an entirely new experience to the beautiful Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Oregon, with the combination of both Heroes & Villains FanFest, and Walker Stalker Con; an experience we thoroughly enjoyed. Fans, and a multitude of special guests, from The Walking Dead to Arrow, Guardians of the Galaxy, and even The Boondock Saints, were all brought together, as one, for an all-out weekend of fun.

We were able to also sit down with Stephen Amell and learn more about his upcoming, standalone, feature-film, directed by Jeff Chan, Code 8.

Beginning in 2016, through an Indiegogo campaign, cousins, Stephen, and Robbie Amell, banded together to create a short-film that hit the internet, and social media, by storm, raising nearly 1000% over their original production, and financial goal of $250,000.00.

The most exciting part was that fans, just like us, were able to contribute to the creation of the film, receive exclusive merchandise, and even play part in the film. If you’re a fan of, Stephen Amell, you already know how dedicated he is to his fans, and while this came as no surprise to us, it was truly wonderful to see him give back and include his diehard community in the project he’s dedicated so much of his time, life, and inspiration to.

While the original campaign launched in 2016, beginning as a short-film, before moving onto becoming an actual, full-length, feature, currently in post-production stage, it will most likely see a release date of 2019. We were lucky enough to sit down with Amell, who spoke with us about his experience working on the project, and stated that, “Both, emotionally, and spiritually, I liked the fact that the moment that Robbie, I, and Jeff, our director, set foot on set that first day and somebody yelled “Action!” that to us was proof of concept that we can go out there and we can make our own movie. And, now that is thanks to the over 20,000 people that contributed to the campaign, which is incredible.”

“The point being that the moment they called “Action!” that first time, that was proof of concept that WE DID IT.”

Amell, also commented on the fact that working alongside his cousin was extremely important to him, when he added, “And, to work with Robbie, that was one of the greatest joys I have ever had professionally.”

When comparing the show, both on-set, and off, to his current role as Oliver Queen, and our favorite masked vigilante the Green Arrow, in The CW hit series, Arrow, Stephen stated that producing, filming, and starring in Code 8 was a completely different experience, in every way.

He explained, “To me, just purely from a professional perspective, Arrow is a very originated filming experience. We have days, we have schedules, we have to make our day. Period. There’s no room in the schedule, they don’t build in a buffer zone. So, while one day, we were filming our first day on episode 15. We had six scenes to shoot in the bunker, and it was six scenes that spread throughout the episode. So, we shot a scene from ACT 1, and we also shot a scene from ACT 6. We HAD to make our day, period. We had 14-hours.”

He then went on to detail the fact that, “That’s not what it was like on Code 8. Code 8 was much more, along the lines of, how do you guys see this scene, and photographically, how are we going to do this?”

While Stephen has stated in the past, detailed plot-details and too much information will be kept in secrecy, as much as possible, until the feature release, it’s obvious that the co-cousin team created what ended up being a much more collaborative, co-directional experience. Which, we feel will end up showing fans, and the world, what Amell has to personally bring to the table when it comes to filming, directing, and the creation of his own storylines.

As one of the most humorous people we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with, Amell added, “Hopefully, the movie doesn’t suck, because that would be bad if that was the end of it. However, don’t think it will, I think it will be great.

“To me, this was like, WOW, we actually did it.”

It was truly a pleasure to once again sit down with Stephen, and to be able to truly see the excitement, and pride in his emotion, which has truly given us extreme hope for a completely new, fresh, and exciting futuristic story, fueling our anticipation, that continues to build with each passing day.

If you missed the short-film, you can watch it, here.

Stay tuned for more Code 8 news, and make sure to check out the Indiegogo campaign, where you’re still able to cash in on exciting perks, grab film merchandise, and even steal your spot at the Red Carpet Premiere in multiple locations. This is definitely one opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Also, stay up to date with exclusive news from Stephen, himself, through Facebook, and Twitter.


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