Stephen Amell’s Code 8 Expected to Release in 2019



Beginning in January 2012, Stephen Amell, took the next step in his career, by becoming the famous, and favored vigilante, in The CW series Arrow, arguably delivering the best on-screen performance of both, Oliver Queen, and the Green Arrow. In addition, Amell also starred as, Casey Jones, in the 2016 sequel of, TMNT 2: Out of the Shadows. Stephen Amell, has truly touch the hearts of the fan-base, charitable, and comic, communities, in such a beautiful, awe inspiring way, both on, and off screen.

Over the past two years, Amell, and his close relationship with his cousin, Robbie Amell, actor of multiple roles in the hit CW series, The Flash, became even stronger, and with direction from the talented, exceptional, Jeff Chan, united, they provided fans with a new perspective on the sci-fi world of mutants, through their film, Code 8.

During our time with Stephen at Portland’s Heroes & Villain’s FanFest, he commented with,

“To work with Robbie, that was one of the greatest joys I have ever had professionally.”

The film is set in a world where just 4% of the population are born with various supernatural abilities, called “specials,” with almost all living in poverty, facing constant discrimination, forcing them to resort to committing crime, in effort to survive. The world has a constant ‘seeing-eye,’ as drones constantly police the sky, alerting guardians, and police, to every single minimal crime that takes place.

A desperate young man, Connor Reed (Robbie Amell), struggles to pay for his indisposed, debilitated mother’s (Kari Matchett) health treatment. As he continues to fight for his family, working as a laborer, he is quickly lured into a profitable, lucrative, criminalized world by Garret (Stephen Amell), who works closely alongside Lincoln City’s most powerful drug-lord, Marcus Sutcliffe (Greg Bryk). Garret assists Connor with perfecting the control of his powers in order to executive a multitude of crimes for Sutcliffe. A militarized police unit, lead by ‘Fast and the Furious’ actor, Agent Park (Sung Kang), and Agent Davis (Aaron Abrams), follows their trail in the effrt to track, and eventually hunt the team down.

However, Amell, has stuck to his word as far as keeping strictly quiet on the collaborative feature-length film, by refusing to diverge multiple times, too many synopses reveals, or spoilers about the film. With that being said, on June 4, 2017, Stephen Amell, announced that he is starring in the film.

Currently, the synopsis that has been released, has been done so in support of the film, giving fans a better understanding of what to expect from the once short to now, feature-length film. While the film is currently in its pre-production stage, the release date looks as if it will be pushed back just a tad further, debuting in theaters sometime in 2019.

Watch the short, here.

Stay tuned for more Code 8 news, and make sure to check out their Indiegogo campaign! Also, stay up to date with exclusive news from Stephen, himself, through Facebook.








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