Take A Virtual Tour Through Heroes & Villains FanFest and Walker Stalker Con


During the brisk, wintery weekend of January 13-14, 2018, fans from all over the Pacific Northwest banded together for one of the most exciting events of the year, and we joined them to kick off our packed convention schedule. The Oregon Convention Center welcomed bother Heroes & Villains FanFest, in combination with the famous convention dedicated to the favored The Walking Dead, through Walker Stalker Con. It was truly exciting to see another successful convention take over Portland, and make a name for itself in, arguably, one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States.

Both, Heroes & Villains FanFest, and Walker Stalker Con are truly conventions created by fans, for fans, and offered such a unique, personal, and down-to-earth experience, when comparing it to larger, more known comic, and fan conventions, while also bringing a lot of excitement to the table.

During our weekend we were able to sit down with Stephen Amell (Arrow; TMNT 2:  Out of the Shadows😉 to discuss his participation in his upcoming feature film, Code 8.

A large portion of time was spent photographing cosplayers, walking the vendor aisles, watching tattooing, and chatting it up with my fellow members of the Kashyyyk Base (Rebel Legion of Portland), and Cloud City Garrison (501st of Portland).

The convention itself had an entire tattoo area, where fans were able to be tattooed by famous artists such as Chris 51, and more.

In addition, fans were able to score photo-ops, and autographs, with their favorite guests, such as Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan; The Walking Dead), Norman Reedus (Darryl Dixon; The Walking Dead), Stephen Amell (Arrow; TMNT 2), for a much lower cost than most larger conventions. The autograph price came with free selfies, and photo-ops, which I felt was a great perk, and gave fans memorable, unforgettable experiences, that they won’t forget.

Take a look through the gallery below, and don’t miss out on a single moment of Portland’s Heroes & Villains FanFest, or Walker Stalker Con!

Both conventions are headed to multiple domestic and international locations this year, and we can definitely confirm that these are two events you will not want to miss. Make sure to follow Heroes & Villains FanFest, and Walker Stalker Con, on Facebook, to stay up to date with the latest news and events, coming your way!




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